Animals Life NET is celebrating Animal Month

  • 18.10.2017

(Updated post)

In celebration of World Animals Day Month we decided to present a gift to each shelter participating in Animals Life NET project. Here we gathered the photos of what our first addressees got from us:

We are very grateful to those, who participated (or continue to participate) in our Charitable Event dedicated to Wolrd Animal Day. 

Inhabitants of the Malyi Bird Rescue (Hungary) got their gift on 08.10. See yourself:

On 10.10.2017 a well-liked shelter from Estonia – NGO Pesaleidja received a holiday package from us! See what the cats received above:

11.10.2017 another cool shelter, called Penkta Koja (Lithuania) got the present from Animals Life NET

The same day, on 11.10 another delivery was carried out. This time, the lucky receiver was Otrā māja shelter from Latvia.

15.10 was the day of the delivery to Tamaz Elisbarashvili Dog Shelter in Georgia.

On 17.10 cat-loving team of Beglobis (Lithuania) were happy to receive our congratulations:

The next addressee (19.10) was NGO Varjupaikade. Happy World Animal Day!











NGO Saaremaa Animal Shelters did not stay aside as well:


The cats from Stari Maček Shelter, Croatia got their portion of food, too:




Willing to support animals on Animals Month? Learn more here: 

Happy «World Animal Month»!