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Valga shelter


Естонија, Valga

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Valga animal shelter was founded in 2009 . Since its foundation day, the shelter has hosted more than 3400 animals. It regularly houses about 10 dogs and 60 cats. The shelter is administrated by the Estonian animal rescue organization Varjupaikade NGO that started its operation in 2007. Apart from Valga, the NGO has 6 more shelters in Viljandi, Pärnu, Tallinn, Virumaa, Võru and Läänemaa.

The main goal of the organization is to help lost pets find their way home, or find a new home for our homeless four-legged friends. In addition, the shelter provides the animals with the necessary treatment in order to reduce the number of homeless animals in Estonia.

Valga animal shelter is a partner of local municipalities. However, if possible, the shelter provides support to individuals as well if their living conditions do not allow to keep their pets. The shelter encourages the visitors of the animalslife.net page to watch the live streams and contact the shelter should they have any questions. People can help by buying food for the pets available right here on the website.

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Конзервирана храна за мачки

Конзервирана храна за мачиња

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Конзервирана храна за мачиња

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Производи кои му се неопходни на засолништето

Биоразградлив тоалет за мачки (10л)

Made from 100% natural wood the litter is biodegradable, making it friendly on the environment and can be put in any suitable compost bin after all faeces have been removed.


Small Package 400g+6*70g+1pc

400 g dry food rich in salmon and chicken + 6 cans of natural wet food for adult cats with at least 70% fresh meat and fish in food quality, high nutrient profile, without gluten and artificial additives, many tasty flavors + one mouse toy


Medium Package 2kg+5kg+12*70g

2 kg dry food with chicken, tuna or salmon + 5 kg clumping cat litter + 12 cans of a natural wet food for all adult cat (chicken, tuna, salmon)


Конзервирана храна за кучиња (4,8kg)

Premium quality wet dog food which provides natural, additive-free nutrition for your dog; naturally rich in protein and nutrients, preserved in the tasty cooking stock, easy to digest.


Конзервирана храна за мачки (2,4kg)

Natural wet cat food with a minimum 70% meat and fish content. It is gluten-free and full of nutrients, containing no artificial additives & available in a range of delicious, mouth-watering flavours.