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Help Animals

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“Lesė” animal charity organization has been founded in 2007 in Lithuania. It sustains an animal shelter and funds a pet neutering program for homeless pets – cats and dogs. The organization is funded solely by donations and is run only by volunteers. Back when the organization first started, it was one of the first “no-kill” animal associations in the country, as animal care in Lithuania virtually did not exist and the state-funded shelters were killing up to 90% of animals without any hope for adoption. The organization was founded by animal lovers, who started to shelter homeless animals at their homes and try to promote them for adoption. In 2008, “Lesė” opened its own animal shelter and has welcomed more than 1500 pets ever since.

The “Lesė” organization has well-known neutering programs: it was the pioneer of the “Trap-Neuter-Return” program for stray cats and soon became an example for every other animal shelter and welfare organization in the country. It has also paid for animal neutering for low-income groups in the city of Vilnius. Since its inception, more than 2,100 animals were neutered, which significantly improved the situation with stray pets in Lithuania.

The goals of “Lesė” are:
• Decreasing the number of abandoned pet;
• Finding owners for homeless animals;
• Promoting awareness of the problem in the society and stopping animal cruelty;
• Developing an animal shelter that meets the EU standards and creating a new animal rescue system.

The organization is on its way to achieve the previously mentioned goals. However, as it is a charitable organization, it will move forward if the people provide help to them. If you do wish to assist the shelter in their cause, buy some of the products that they need below or help them financially.

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Products necessary for the shelter

Large Package 10kg+14l

10 kg dry food for cats with chicken, tuna or salmon + 14 L of 100% natural clumping cat litter made from maize with very efficient odour binding and a lavender scent. 99% dust-free, economical and fast clumping


Medium Package 2kg+5kg+12*70g

2 kg dry food with chicken, tuna or salmon + 5 kg clumping cat litter + 12 cans of a natural wet food for all adult cat (chicken, tuna, salmon)


Small Package 400g+6*70g+1pc

400 g dry food rich in salmon and chicken + 6 cans of natural wet food for adult cats with at least 70% fresh meat and fish in food quality, high nutrient profile, without gluten and artificial additives, many tasty flavors + one mouse toy


Canned food for kittens (0,42kg)

Natural, grain-free complete food for kittens. This tasty wet food is made from 72% meat and enriched with vegetables and fine herbs. It is packed with essential proteins, vitamins and taurine.


Dry food for cats (10kg)

Dry food specially designed for fussy or sensitive cats, rich in salmon and with easily digestible ingredients. It has an optimum calcium-phosphorus content for prophylaxis against urinary stones.