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"Kovcheg" shelter


Cazaquistão, Astana

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Help Animals

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The shelter “”Kovcheg”” was founded by three caring girls from Astana in October 2013. They rented a small house in the suburbs of the city and hired a man who was available to take care of the animals 24/7.
In addition to the common room for healthy, neutered and vaccinated cats, the shelter has a separate quarantine for treating and taking care of sick animals, as well as newcomers who have not been vaccinated and treated against parasites yet. “”Kovcheg”” shelters all the animals until somebody takes them home.
No animal is ever euthanized – the shelter tries to save the life of even the most severely sick animals. The organization “”Kovcheg”” believes that each animal should live as long as God wishes.
The shelter is funded by the donations of sympathetic people. The goal of the shelter is to help the abandoned homeless cats in Astana. The organization has sheltered about 120 cats and a few dogs so far. They are all different – fluffy or smooth, gentle or cautious, young or old. Black, tri-color, gray or white – all with various colors and patterns. All of them are brought to the shelter from the street. Each of them has experienced being abandoned and left in the street – hungry and cold. Each and every one of them is in need of human love, attention and affection. The shelter “”Kovcheg”” is there to help them but they do need your support!


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Alimentos secos para gatos

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Alimentos secos para gatos (10kg)

Dry food specially designed for fussy or sensitive cats, rich in salmon and with easily digestible ingredients. It has an optimum calcium-phosphorus content for prophylaxis against urinary stones.


Alimentos enlatados para gatos (2,4kg)

Natural wet cat food with a minimum 70% meat and fish content. It is gluten-free and full of nutrients, containing no artificial additives & available in a range of delicious, mouth-watering flavours.


Alimentos enlatados para gatos (1,2kg)

Canned food with high-quality and natural ingredients, with at least 70% meat and free from preservatives and additives. Available in a variety o


Alimentos secos para gatos (2kg)

Highly digestible dry food, rich in tasty turkey and rice. The selected protein sources help food intolerance and omega 6 fatty acids support healthy skin and fur.