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"Lesnoy Priyut" Shelter


Russia, Moscow

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Help Animals

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Charitable fund for helping homeless animals “Lesnoy Priyut” (“The Forest Shelter”) has started its work in August 2009. The fund has been created in order to help homeless, abandoned and sick animals. Right now, the shelter homes about 200 pets – both cats and dogs. All of the animals are taken care of by the workers and volunteers, who strive to ensure that the living, medical care and socialization conditions for pets are as comfortable as possible.

All of the animals that arrive at the shelter are sterilized and vaccinated. It is a private shelter and is not funded by state or municipality, that’s why any help will be received here with open arms.
An important task for the shelter’s workers is to hand the pets over to secure and loving new owners. Most of the shelter’s inhabitants have been domestic pets, but were thrown out on the street or have been lost, that is why “The Forest Shelter” aims at providing a better, happy life for the pets. Since its opening, 1293 animals have found a new home.

Apart from handling the shelter and the animals living there, the shelter is always striving to enlighten people about the humane and responsible attitude towards pets, as well as to consult animal owners about pet care.
You can support the shelter as well, by buying the needed products, which will be delivered to the shelter after the purchase. Just look below to find out what the “The Forest Shelter” needs and don’t forget to tell your friends about the opportunity to help the animals.

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Products necessary for the shelter

Wood cat litter (10l)

Made from 100% natural wood the litter is biodegradable, making it friendly on the environment and can be put in any suitable compost bin after all faeces have been removed.


Large Package 10kg+14l

10 kg dry food for cats with chicken, tuna or salmon + 14 L of 100% natural clumping cat litter made from maize with very efficient odour binding and a lavender scent. 99% dust-free, economical and fast clumping


Medium Package 2kg+5kg+12*70g

2 kg dry food with chicken, tuna or salmon + 5 kg clumping cat litter + 12 cans of a natural wet food for all adult cat (chicken, tuna, salmon)


Small Package 400g+6*70g+1pc

400 g dry food rich in salmon and chicken + 6 cans of natural wet food for adult cats with at least 70% fresh meat and fish in food quality, high nutrient profile, without gluten and artificial additives, many tasty flavors + one mouse toy


Canned food for kittens (0,42kg)

Natural, grain-free complete food for kittens. This tasty wet food is made from 72% meat and enriched with vegetables and fine herbs. It is packed with essential proteins, vitamins and taurine.