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Private puppy shelter for unwanted and stay puppies. Hopes Puppy Foster specializes to help puppies in special need. Most of the puppies come as emergencys, they can be only few days, or hours old, injured or otherwise in need of special care.

Puppies come from different backgrounds, some are dumped in the trash, some are abandoned in dangerous places and some are too weak, sick or injured to survive in a regular shelter. No matter what the start in life has been, Hopes Puppy Foster will try to give them the best change possible, for a new life. This means offering a safe and warm home, veterinary care, good premium food and other things, that makes the changes of survival better. The amount of puppies we foster home takes at one time is limited, since most of the puppies need a lot of special care, medications, treatments or even feeding every few hours.

Fist when the puppy / puppies arrive, Hopes Puppy Foster takes them to the vet. After having specific instructions for each puppy, depending on their situation, they get a bath and parasite treatments. The shelter slowly starts to feed them according to their age and make sure, they have enough liquids (if needed then thorough iv).

leptitox reviews The puppies are kept in separate places, to prevent diseases from spreading, meaning each kennel has only puppies that were found together, which are usually siblings. When the puppy is healthy enough, it is time to start vaccinations and after the second vaccination, foster home begins to look for a real home. Third vaccine is given before the puppy goes to a new home, but after the second vaccination, chances look good for the puppy to survive.

The foster is private house, that is dedicated to help strays and animals in need. At the moment the Hopes Puppy Foster has 9 fosters, including 7 puppies and 2 adults. From time to time the foster might make exception towards adult dogs, if they too are in need of special care. These dogs might be very sceared, injured or getting ready to give birth, in which case the foster provides a safe and secure house for the time needed to recover from the hard life on the street.

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Products necessary for the shelter

Dry puppy food (15 kg)

Dry food for puppies. Made with 70% meat, fish and other fresh ingredients. Natural nutrients aid healthy development. Wheat & gluten-free.


Pet bed 80 cm

Pet Bed is a soft and comfortable pet bed with high sides where your pet can snuggle up. It has a beautiful, soft faux suede effect cover which is made from polyester. The cover is made from 80% cotton, making it particularly breathable. The natural colours and high-quality appearance means this delightful bed will fit beautifully into any home.