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Gouves Animal Shelter


Greece, Heraklion

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A shelter that has been running for almost 10 years now. Gouves Animal shelter is dedicated to help the strays in the island and reduce the stray population. Gouves Animal shelter does constant work to sterilize the dogs that come to their care, as well as the ones in streets. The main goal is to try and get the government to knowledge the problem and participate in the solution. Right now the shelter has an understanding with the local municipality and is working hard together to make programs for free or cheap sterilizations.

The shelter is under constant change, as they try to make it better and better for the dogs. Because they does not get any funding or supplies for new kennels, they slowly raise money and rebuild the parts that need it. Gouves Animal shelter has about 200 dogs, some old, some puppies, and most come in sick.

leptoconnectThey have constantly need for food, medicine and donations, since the shelter does not get any financial help from the government. Still they try to manage to get every single dog that comes in to a vet check, give needed medications and treatments and of course sterilization, microchips and vaccines.

Until recently Gouves Animal shelter did not have any help, except the volunteers. The owner and starter of the shelter is an old man, Manolis, who works there 365 days in a year, 12 – 16 hour days, without any rest or weekends. Because of his fading health the small volunteer group, that tries to help him, made a fundraiser, so he can have help for few hours every day, which will make a huge difference in the life of the shelter dogs as well as the owners. Other volunteers include 4 regular people, who all do what they can, while balancing between work and home life.


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